Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hi viewers!!!
I have a game for you to play.
Please click the link below to watch the video of the game you could play.
Animal jam 
Thanks for watching:)


  1. Aloha Adrianna. I am Megan from Grey Main School. I have a animal jam account. Next time you could put the ink in to the site. How often do you play. Poroporoaki (goodbye).

  2. Kia ora Adrianna, Ka tirohia a matou ruma 12 ki to Animal Jam. We have an animal jam account and would like you to come and show us how to screencast.

  3. Kia Ora Adrianna, My name is Kyra from Mamaku Hub. I like your Animal Jam video because it shows you how to play the game. This reminds me of video games. Maybe next time you could try saying what why you decided to do a video. Ka Pai!