Monday, 20 June 2016

Celebrating Matariki.

Celebrating Matariki
What we did:
1.   we had to make a presentation.
2.   We needed to find a map of north land and locate the areas that celebrate matariki.
3.   We went into shapes at the top of the screen near the words Arrange and Tools and grabbed speech bubbles and put them where the towns and city are located.
4.   We then but down the celebrating information in the speech bubbles.


  1. Aloha Adrianna. I am Megan from Grey main school Greymouth. I like how you have added a list of what you needed to do and your presentation. I love how creative your presentation is. Was it hard to do? Maybe next time you could add in a few more photos.Do you want to do it again next year?

  2. Kiaora Adrianna. I am Adi from Grey Main School and I like your Matariki post. What I like the most is that you made the speech bubbles a bright color so when you put the black on the light color it makes you able to see it better. I think you could just put more info on the speech bubbles. I have one question have you been there when the celebration is going?