Monday, 7 December 2015

Suriving with life jackets on

Have you ever wondered how life jackets work?

Life jackets make you float and keep your head above water. There are positions that can help you survive while using life jackets. There is the huddle, the chain and the line. The huddle is the position when you and your mates grip each other's life jackets by the side strap and form a circle, this is so you and your mates don't get separated. The chain is the position you and your buddy's also hold each other by the side strap except that you do not position a circle, you sort of form a line but not facing someone's back or face, you face forwards, this position is also to stick together. The line is the position that helps get to land (if you spot land) without getting tired to much and sticking with your friends. The line position is when you and your friends are actually in a line but you are leaning back and are holding the person in front of you by the two side straps with both hands.   

These positions keep you safe but you need to have a life jackets on you. Life jackets can keep you safe as long as you wear them.

File:Universal Life Jacket.JPG

Tuesday, 1 December 2015



Have you ever wondered how a sea rip works or what a sea rip is or way you are floating out of mum and dad's site?

A sea rip is a strong current that drags you out to sea, away from the shallow.  A calm current may drag out to the neck of the rip which is where it becomes really dangerous.  The neck of the rip is a really strong current that can pull you out hundreds of meters away from shore. There is a point where the rip stops and it has calmed down. Going back the same way you came isn't going to help no matter how hard you try. Swim sideways then diagonale to get back to shore so you don't keep getting dragged further away from shore.

When in a rip DON'T PANIC be smart and don't fight back. WAVE YOUR ARMS AND YELL FOR HELP!!!